Chicks on Bikes in Flicks

Chicks on Bikes in Flicks

There’s just something about girls on bikes in films. I’m a bike nut anyway so if a bike pops into movie I always move to the edge of my seat for a closer look.

Girls on a bike? Forget it.

So in the interest of science I’ve put together a list of what I feel are the best girl on a bike combinations.

KILL BILL ‘The Bride’ on a Kawasaki ZZR250 (Ninja)

Okay EVERYTHING was working for this girl on a bike scene. Uma Thurman togged up in that yellow Bruce Lee inspired jumpsuit with the matching helmet, on the matching yellow Kawasaki ZZR250 with her katana attached to the back of the bike, riding through neon lit Tokyo night, with Al Hirt’s crazy trumpeting in the background then switching to the killer guitar riff from the main them tune when ‘The Bride’ is ready for business. Awesome. Every box ticked. Though nit picking, they could have chosen a more suitable bike. The bike is all looks and not even sound as its whisper quiet inline 2 cylinder engine was overdubbed with a throaty 4 cylinder.  It’s more of a beginners bike and it would be way down the list of bikes I’d pick heading into a do or die battle which will more than likely, end in need of a fast getaway! Nevertheless, Tarantino pulled a blinder with this one.

THE MATRIX ‘Trinity’ on a Triumph Speed Triple

The ass kicking, leather wearing, motorcycle riding Trinity gets ALOT of bike time in the Matrix movies. As she should. She seems like she belongs on a bike.

In the first Matrix she uses a Triumph Speed Triple to go save her boy Neo from the agents. Great choice for the job and perfect in keeping with the style of the movie.

The Triple seems to pop up a lot in movies. (It had a big starring role in MI:2) The bike is an easy choice.

The distinct bug eye headlights are it’s trademark and are easy to spot. So a Speed Triple in a movie tells any biker watching the movie “hey, this guy/girl knows his bikes!”. Plus hell, it’s a damn cool lookin’ bike, a great ride for stunties and will get you from A to B pretty sharpish.

It’s my LA whip:


MATRIX RELOADED  ‘Trinity’on a Ducati 996

This chase scene was incredible. Trinity is bugging out with the Key Master and Agents running her down. They jump on a Ducati 996 and rocket through the traffic. Whoever is riding that thing blasts it like a bat out of hell. Great girl on a bike action here.

Though the previous 916 is a better bike, most Ducatis are practically sex on two wheels. Throw in high heels and latex and it’s a winner.


CATWOMAN  ‘Catwoman’ on a Ducati Monster S4

I like Halley Barry and the old shape Monster is easily one of my favourite modern bikes. So on paper this girl on a bike combination should be killer.

Unfortunately the movie Catwoman is such utter shite that it even taints this awesome combo with it’s putrid smell. Catwoman was nominated for 7 Golden Raspberry’s and “won” 4 including one for Worst Actress. At least Halle had the sense of humour to accept the award in person. Still, such a shame that this girl on a bike combo suffered.

THUNDERBALL ‘Fiona Volpe’ on a BSA Lightning (A65L)

Bond films usually get their cars spot on. (Well, let’s gloss over the Ford Mondeo from Casino Royale) Thunderball got the bike right too.

The girl on the bike is Fiona Volpe played Luciana Paluzzi, a deadly Spectre Assassin. The bike is a full faired BSA Lightning. The fairing was only attached to house two rocket missiles which Volpe fired on Count Lippe during a chase scene with Bond.

No question, the BSA Lightning is a beautiful bike. The British motorcycle industry may have been running on fumes by the mid 60‘s but that decade also saw the big three:  Triumph, Norton & BSA arguably put out some of their most iconic bikes – respectively the Bonneville, the Commando  and the A65 Lightning. That BSA is definitely on my ‘maybe one day’ purchase list.

Meanwhile, the girl on the bike – Luciana Paluzzi is stunning in Thunderball. Possibly one of the best Bond girls ever as she seems to embody the Italian 60’s siren that oozes strength, sex, confidence & beauty all in one over the shoulder glance.

The combination of these two 60’s icons is absolutely stunning.

THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE ‘Rebecca’ on a Harley Electra Glide

The parts of this movie – the music, the psychedelia, the girl, the bikes, the shots, the scenery, its spirit are all better than its sum. It’s a psychedelic European biker road movie that came out a year before the quintessential  ‘Easy Rider’.

Luckily, Marianne Faithful looks so good in her full leather biker suit you almost forgive her for her acting. Her wild n’ free 60’s spirit definitely sits right in this film.

I like the idea of this movie a lot more than the movie itself. Even the tagline is great “She’s Always Naked Under Leather” Have a look at the trailer and you’ll see what I mean:

The Girl On A Motorcycle Trailer

There are a couple of motorcycles in this. She learns to ride on a beautiful Norton Atlas 750 but the main star is a 1967 Harley Electra Glide.

I’m not a big fan of modern Harley’s, even though I’m currently working on a Sportster! :

I feel Sportsters are the exception to the modern Harley leather tassel, crazy chrome, sofa on wheels vibe.

But war time Harley’s and pre 70’s Harley like the Electra Glide in the movie are gorgeous.


‘Lisbeth Salander’ on a Glory Motor Works customized Honda CL350

Oh man, I LOVE this bike. When I was watching the movie I kept squinting to try and get a better look at it and kept hoping for longer shots with the bike.  It’s perfect.

David Fincher got it absolutely right with this. It would have been crazy to put Lisbeth Salander on a slick recent Ducati or Triumph as she’s broke in the movie (to start with). This bike matches up to Lisbeth’s character to a T. It’s stripped down, utilitarian with flashes of understated style & personality. It’s a bike that she could afford and a bike that she could chop and change easily and cheaply as money came in.

The bike was shot and used to great effect in the movie. Lisbeth in all black, oversized boots blasting through icy Sweden on knobblies. At some point I’ll probably build a bike like this but using a 650.


Can’t wait for the next two movies to come out to see what Salander’s done with her bike!

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