Top 3 Upcoming 2012 Films I’d Skip School For

Top 3 Upcoming 2012 Films I’d Skip School For

When I was a kid, skipping school to a watch a movie was the highest honour that we gave a film. Strangely this only happened twice. (I was mostly a good kid.) Once in 1998 for Jean Claude van Damme’s Bloodsport. And again in 1990 for Pretty Woman. With Julia Roberts as a hooker I thought we’d see lot’s of nakedness. Ironically we saw more nudity in Bloodsport.

Now the list. (Which by the way, doesn’t include in The Dark Knight Rises. As that’s just a given. In fact, I’d gladly give up watching the following movies altogether to watch TDKR. Like trading in all the members of The Saturdays for one Rihanna.

#1. Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. The Alien movies (at least the first two) were a big part of my movie life growing up. I even ponied up for the HR Giger coffee table freaky art book. (Giger is the artist responsible for the design work in Alien). This is Scott’s first time back as the director. Add a cast that includes Michael Fassbender & Naomi Rapace plus throw a $100 million dollars in the mix and you KNOW it’s gonna be good.

#2. Gangster Squad

I have a thing for cops/crime/gangster movies (State of Grace, The Departed) Slap on a period/retro vibe (LA Confidential, The Untouchables, Public Enemy, American Gangster) and I’m frothing at the mouth. All those movies have top shelf actors breathing life into bad ass hombre’s riding the line of sanity, and Gangster Squad joins that club.

The cast is solid. Sean Penn vs Josh Brolin? Like two steam rollers on course for a head on collision. Also Ryan Gosling, Giovanni Ribisi plus Emma Stone. (Who, by the way, has made her way onto my laminate list). To top it off, it’s directed by Ruben Fleischer who did a tip top job on Zombieland.

#3. 47 Ronin

Q. What’s better than an outcast Samurai on a bloodlust vengeance mission?

A. FORTY friggin’ SEVEN samuraion a bloodlust vengeance mission!!

This is Keanu Reeves in his comfort zone. Kicking ass in a fantasy-adventure. I have incredibly high expectations for this. Screenwriter, Chris Morgan, describes the movie as a “great, Gladiator-esque, 300-like big action movie with samurai and ninja.”

What?!! samurai AND ninja?!!! ‘HAAAAAAIIIYAAA-BOOOOOOOOOSSHHH’ – That’s me having a ninja-gasm.

And here are a few contenders that almost made the list:

Taken 2

Any movie where Liam Neeson uses his “very particular set of skills” to bust some heads is worth digging deep in your pocket for the posh seats at the cinema.

Total Recall

Look, I liked Total Recall back in 1990. And I’m hoping against hope that Collin Farrell as the new Douglas Quaid shouts out the classic Arnie words: “IF I’M NOT ME, DEN WHO DA HELL AM I?!”


With a year packed with more superhero’s than my nephews underwear drawer, it’sWith a year packed with more superhero’s than my nephews underwear drawer, it’s refreshing to see a new spin on the superhero flick. Chronicle is served in the ’found footage’ style (Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity) and is darker than your average men in tights movie.

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