Haywire – Film Bl-Eview

Haywire – Film Bl-Eview

A pretty good B-movie dressed in A-List clothing.

Special Ops ‘Mallory’ (Gina Carano) executes a good operation that’s somehow gone bad. Then something, something set up; then something something find the truth. It doesn’t really matter. As it’s the something, something, Mallory goes all Bourne berserker- that you’re really interested in.

This movie is all about Gina Carano. It’s her star vehicle and everyone else is just along for the ride. Carano’s ‘Mallory’ goes on an ass kicking tour of the world on a strict diet of  Hollywood’s top he-men. Chewing them up like premium grade protein bars.

Carano is a  new comer who’s just made a helluva transition from the Mixed Martial Arts pentagon to the Hollywood pit.  She’ll utterly decimate you 6 ways to Sunday and look like a supermodel doing it. And as this is a Sodergergh movie complete with  non-linear story line, a film palette with washed out colours mixed with cool cobalt blues and a super funky soundtrack courtesy of long time collaborator David Holmes (my favourite film composer) – she does it all in an über sytlish way.

There’s no new ground broken here in terms of plot but there are action sequences that are shot, cut and scored like you’ve never seen before. All the fight scenes are mostly grounded in reality with a healthy respect for gravity. Which makes them all the more bone crunchingly satisfying. And because she’s so gosh darn good at it, you spend most of the movie waiting for Mallory to beat someone up. There’s a long, top shelf list of ‘someones’ too: Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor, Antoino Banderas & Michael Douglas.

The camera loves Carano and so will you. And though she can definitely hold her own with the heavyweight actors this movie is peppered with, she’s way more comfortable dishing out the pain than the prose.

The only problem I found with this movie is that it’s an either/or:


it needed a few more scenes of Mallory going all Mortal Kombat for the movie to become a full on, super stylish fight fest.


it needed more back story & character development to give you something to chew on during the lull’s when Mallory’s takin’ a breather from busting bones.

Hey, I’m not saying this is a bad film , it’s pretty good. I’m just saying with the amount of explosive talent in front of and behind the camera this movie SHOULD be super fly TNT.



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