Cabin In The Woods – Film Bl-Eview

Cabin In The Woods – Film Bl-Eview

“There was absolutely nothing about that movie that I liked.”  – my wife. Ouch. I guess I gauged that wrong when I gave my wife the hard sell to watch it. Here’s the thing though – I LOVED IT!

My wife and I (I assume like many couples) alternatively pass the ‘movie choice token’ on every movie night we have. Due to my choices, my token seems to come with a pitch for reasons to see it. For Cabin In The Woods, I think I pitched harder than Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard did to get it green lit.  Scary movies are always a tough sell for my wife. A big part of it is we live in a house in the country with no close neighbors. So essentially, we live IN a Cabin In The Woods. But my pitch went like this:

“But babe, this isn’t your run of the mill scary movie! Well, it is and it isn’t. It’s the cliche’d scary movie plot but completely turned on it’s head. It totally subverts the whole horror movie truisms.”.  During my token pitches, I think my wife just hears what Charlie Brown and the rest of The Peanuts hear when their teachers talk.

Anyway, after seeing the film, my pitch was spot on. Cabin serves you the horror movie staple’s –   but they taste totally different. It looks like a cheeseburger, smells like a cheeseburger but it tastes like chicken cordon bleu. The movie poster alludes to this: the cabin twisting and turning like Rubicks cube subtly telling you: This movie will mess with your mind.

It’s plain to see that the writers Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, oh and The Avengers) & Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) are real fans of the horror genre. Not just with the broad strokes of the film but the little tips of the hat that are peppered throughout the two movies. Yes, I said two movies. In a way Cabin is two movies mashed together. You’ll have some head scratching in the early parts of the movie but just go along with the ride. It’s a good one. And it’s a funny one as well as a scary one. Just like Scream was but smarter and well, better.

 The cast play their archetypes (with a twist) spot on which includes the hunk – Chris Hemsworth (pre-Thor. Cabin was made in 2009 but shelved when MGM went bankrupt), the good girl – Kristen Connolly and the stoner – Fran Kranz – who is brilliant. Just think of Brad Pitt’s stoner on the couch cameo in True Romance but for a whole movie!

If you’re using a movie choice token to convince your other half to see this then good luck to you. But just keep in mind you may have to pay a high price – Zac Efron’s The Lucky One is still in theaters.




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